Lantic Summer Foraged Gin
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Lantic Summer Foraged Gin

70cl | 41.5% ABV | England

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Lantic's seasonal edition captures the Cornish Coast in summer. Using 21 botanicals, it includes vibrant flora growing wild among coastal meadows and hedgerow during the summer months; making for a refreshing and elegant drink.

Elderflower, honeysuckle, red clover, bog myrtle, currant leaf, malwina strawberry, lemon verbena, apple mint, borage and water mint are the ten foraged botanicals. It's fresh, fruity and fragrant. Garnish with orange in a G&T.

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Traditional botanicals are steeped in a 150L copper still with wheat based NGS overnight. Locally foraged botanicals are added just before distillation. One Shot Method. Cut with Cornish Spring water.

Distiller Alex Palmer-Samborne founded Skylark Distillery to fulfil his mission to explore the wilder side of gin, by making seasonal spirits from locally foraged botanicals and pure Cornish spring water.

Each batch sets out to capture the seasonal scents and seaside character of Cornwall. Wild herbs and native botanical treasures bound by the seasons and cycles of Cornwall give the gin its distinctive coastal taste.

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Lantic Gin

Lantic Gin is inspired by the rugged Cornish coast. Alongside more traditional botanicals, six hand-picked Cornish botanicals are also added, including rock samphire, gorse flowers, water mint and...

"Apple mint and lemon thyme burst through, samphire follows and a well-balanced classic core. Lantic is a lighter gin that does exactly what it sets out - capture the coast through its clever use of wild foraged botanicals. "
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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