Lind & Lime Gin

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Lind & Lime Gin

70cl | 44% ABV | Scotland

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With juniper at its core, Lind & Lime uses fresh lime peel and a hint of pink peppercorns to create a classic benchmark 'London Dry' expression that is balanced, dry and intensely refreshing.

With Juniper front and centre, the crisp citrus of fresh lime peel and the gentle spice of pink peppercorns, Lind & Lime is beautifully balanced and intensely refreshing. Garnish with a lime peel in a G&T.

Key Flavours

"Pink pepper, juniper and lime - a trio that resonate in this gin. Fantastic taste aside, this is one of those bottles that forces a little gasp when you hold it. So tactile and beautiful - a perfect gift."

About this product

The gin starts with a base of organic grain neutral spirit, which is re-distilled it in a 500 litre, electrically powered, stainless steel still along with a carefully curated recipe of 7 botanicals.

Port of Leith distillery was founded by Patrick & Ian, who grew up together in Edinburgh. They are joined by former microbiologist with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Andy , who heads up the gin production.

Established in 2017, Lind & Lime is made at the Tower Street Stillhouse; a small distillery in Leith, Edinburgh (just half a mile from the site of their future whisky distillery).

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