Liverpool Organic Gin

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Liverpool Organic Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Liverpool Gin is a crisp, clean aromatic gin, with a perfumed juniper, rooty angelica and a bright, lemony coriander. The underlying gin carries something of a cereal note, which really helps the spices sing.

Liverpool Gin has a certain sharpness, with the spice giving it a big, bold and sappy flavour. Stir it into a G&T with an orange and rosemary garnish.

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About this product

Liverpool Gin is made by the team at Liverpool Gin Distillery. All of the botanicals – juniper, coriander, angelica, orange and lemon peel, liquorice, cassia and cardamom – are added to the still at once and distilled in one go.

Liverpool Gin is part of the Halewood Spirits portfolio – home to the likes of Whitley Neill, City of London Gin, Marylebone Gin and the extensive JJ Whitley range.

Liverpool Gin Distillery has amassed quite the range in its short life and has also constructed a Gin school so that people can come on down and have a go at making their own, connecting the city with more of its story and production.

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