Lochness Small Batch Highland Gin

Lochness Small Batch Highland Gin

70cl | 43.3% ABV | Scotland

Loch Ness Gin is almost as rare as the mythical beast it’s named after, and is one of (if not) the only gins that exclusively uses juniper grown in the UK.

Sweet greens, honey notes and a cooling hit of juniper make this a totally unique and intriguing proposition. There’s a quick blaze, too, as well as a real hit of Scotland – heather, thistles, hawthorn. Try it in a Martini to really understand it.

Key Flavours

"One of the most lovely Scottish Gins, from the story of its makers to size of production to the use of local botanicals, all the way to the look and feel of the bottles - it's such an all-round treat. This is a very, very special gin."

About this product

While the recipe for Loch Ness Gin is a closely guarded secret, its creators do reveal that all of the botanicals are grown within 500 metres of the distillery. Due to the scarcity of juniper, only 2000 bottles of Loch Ness Gin are made each year.

Loch Ness Gin was created by retired detective Kevin Cameron-Ross and his wife, GP Lorien, who got the idea to make a gin after joking that they should start selling the juniper that grew so well on their land.

Loch Ness will never be a mammoth enterprise and that’s all part of its charm. The gin inside is a literal reflection of the land from which it is born. It's provenance in a glass, aa feat only possible if the place itself is foraged sustainably.

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