Lumbers Bartholomew Berkshire Dry Gin

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Lumbers Bartholomew Berkshire Dry Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | Great Britain

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A traditionally styled London Dry Gin that's tailor made for those who love a craft gin with classic citrus, juniper and spice flavour sequence. 

Orange on the nose, subtle juniper with spice tickling the nostrils. Orange flourishes to taste with a herbal / floral backdrop, before spice emerges strongly. The peppery heat lingers. Add a rosemary sprig to garnish.

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About this product

The botanicals that form the heart of the recipe include juniper, cloves, orris root, cardamom, cassia bark, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander seeds and white pepper and grains of Paradise.

Lumber’s Bartholomew 137 Gin is a series of independently distilled spirits produced at the 137 Distillery on Bartholomew Street, Newbury, by landlord and Master Distiller, Pete Lumber.

The distillery prides itself on being fiercely independent and the first of its kind in Newbury, Royal Berkshire (137 Gin Distillery is built onto the back of the pub and is named after the pub's street number).

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