Lyme Bay Lugger Spiced Rum

Lyme Bay Lugger Spiced Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | England

The name Lyme Bay Lugger Spiced Rum originates from the name given to the fishing boats that Jack Rattenbury (notorious local smuggler) would have used to smuggle contraband into Lyme Bay in the 18th Century.

With its notes of nutmeg and cinnamon quite prominent, caramelised orange and vanilla emerge, along with underlying tropical fruits. Not too overpowering on the vanilla for a Spiced Rum and a good rum to pick if you like yours with ginger beer.

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About this product

Lyme Bay Lugger Spiced Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums (from Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago) that are shipped to the UK aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels before being spiced with nutmeg, orange-peel, cloves and vanilla.

Lyme Bay Winery is a small West Country enterprise with a real passion for wine, ciders and liqueurs. Located in the Axe Valley, in Devon, it is surrounded by rolling green pastures on all sides.

While the rum is distilled in the Caribbean, it is aged and bottled in Devon, in the beautiful Axe Valley,

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