Mackintosh Scottish Gin

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Mackintosh Scottish Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | Scotland

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Mackintosh Scottish Gin is a beautifully made gin that well reflects the globe-trotting natures of its creators. With a flutter of elderflower and a sweet spritz of lemon zest, this is one with wide appeal and a posable nature.

Good news: this is a Gin for Gin lovers, with enormous juniper flavours dominating the sip, flanked by a whisper of floral notes and a fleshy citrus. As such – it is incredibly versatile, as at home in a G&T as it is in a Negroni.

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About this product

To make Mackintosh Gin, founders Jim and Deborah employ the London Dry method, distilling all of their gins at once. Botanicals in the gin include locally foraged elderflower, as well as fresh grapefruit and juniper.

Mackintosh Gin was created by Jim and Deborah Mackintosh, along with their three daughters. They quickly made a name for themselves within the Gin community, getting the nerds well and truly on side.

Based in Angus – the supposed birthplace of Scotland – Mackintosh Gin is made at a shared distilling space, and is amassing quite the collection already, with a London Dry, Old Tom and a Navy Strength in the range also.

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