Mackmyra Svensk Rök Whisky

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Mackmyra Svensk Rök Whisky

50cl | 46.1% ABV | Sweden

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IWSC 2022 Gold Svensk Rök is a unique Swedish smoky expression which uses a peated recipe of different ages to achieve an ideal balance of smokiness. Won a Gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022.

Mackmyra Svensk Rok Whisky has aromas of light tobacco leaves and herbs balanced with a slight mineral saltiness, anise and green fruit.

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This whisky, which exclusively uses Swedish ingredients including juniper, is matured in a combination of casks these include; American oak, Swedish Oak, ex-bourbon and casks saturated with Oloroso. Cask sizes vary from 30 - 128 litres.

The Mackmyra Distillery was co-founded by eight friends who conceived the idea whilst in a mountain cabin on a ski trip in 1998. On 18th December 1999 the first drops of Swedish whisky trickled out of their self-produced copper pot-stills.

The distillery, forest warehouse and visitor centre with restaurant is located 100 miles north of the city of Stockholm, outside the town of Gävle. The team have additional warehouses in Sweden and in Germany.

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