Mad City Botanical Rum

Mad City Botanical Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Mad City is a quality white rum enhanced with botanicals. Neither a spiced or flavoured rum, nor a traditional sipper, Mad City is infused with a unique blend of botanicals that highlight notes present in the rum blend on which it is built.

Rum with hints of coconut on thee nose, with soft mocha underneath. To taste, citrus, tropical fruits with hints of vanilla and pecan nuts. Makes a lovely refreshing drink with tonic, but at it's best with ginger ale.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Mad City uses molasses rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Barbados and once blended, Aadd a mix of 25 botanicals including coconut, orange, coffee, lapsang, cubeb, tonka and cardamom before redistilling it.

Mad City is part of the Foxhole Spirits range, which was founded by James Oag-Cooper in 2016. He has a keen interest in promoting sustainability within the drinks sector with each spirit places an emphasis on upcycling either waste or by-products.

The rums come from Jamaica (from St. Catherine, Tewlawny & Lionel Town), Guyana (Great Diamond), Dominican Republic (Municipio Consuelo) and Barbados (Brighton Beach). It's redistilled at Silent Pool's facility in Surrey.

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