Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon

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Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon

70cl | 47% ABV | U.S.A.

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IWSC 2023 Silver Beginning as Maker's Mark Cask Strength, Maker’s Mark 46 gains its distinct flavour from being matured for 9 weeks in barrels fitted with 10 seared, French oak staves. Won a Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2023.

This whisky delivers a balanced goodness of caramel sweetness and spice. Bring out those sweet and spicy flavours by using Maker's Mark 46 is delicious in a Manhattan.

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After testing and trialling with many staves, Bill Samuels Jr, finally found the flavour he was after. "Stave Profile No. 46" was the French oak stave which was perfectly toasted, imparting optimum flavours whilst maturing the cask strength whisky

Maker's Mark was created in 1953 by husband and wife duo, Bill Sr and Margie Samuels. The recipe was led by Bill who adapted it from his 170 year old family recipe. The name, iconic bottle design and red wax was created by marketeer Margie.

The Maker’s Mark distillery is located on Star Hill Farm which is around 1,000 acres and based in Loretto, Kentucky. The distillery offers tours, and is part of the American Whiskey Trail and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

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