Manchester Gin Overboard

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Manchester Gin Overboard

50cl | 57% ABV | England

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Overboard is Manchester Gin’s take on a Navy Strength Gin and features the same botanicals as the flagship, albeit at a high intensity. It’s a tasty take on tradition, with classic juniper meeting local dandelion and burdock.

Vivid, vibrant an almost violent juniper shines out of the glass – bringing a sucker punch of pine that is only softened by a silky hit of liquorice. It’s an utterly divine gin – one that makes for a killer Martini with a Twist.

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To make Manchester Overboard Gin, the team add their 12-botanical-strong ingredients to the still and leave them to macerate for 10 hours. Once the still is fired up, distillation takes a further 10 hours, so it’s a somewhat lengthy process.

Manchester Gin was co-founded by husband and wife team Seb Heeley and Jennie Wiggins, who met at a bar and fell in love over a G&T. Within a year of meeting, the duo were on the road to distilling glory.

Manchester Gin has far succeeded the expectation of its owners, moving at a breakneck pace and now homed in a beautiful location that includes a full bar, offers guided tours, tastings and gin make your own classes.

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