Mancino Sakura Vermouth

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Mancino Sakura Vermouth

50cl | 18% ABV | Italy

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Sakura is a floral and fragrant vermouth based around cherry blossoms (Sakura) from Kyoto and Italian Viola flowers. The expression emerged as a result of Giancarlo Mansion's culinary infatuation with Japan and Italy.

Sakura uses a blend of 20 botanicals based on Italian white wines with a distinct bitter taste on the palate given by the wormwood and a sweetness given by the flowers.

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Production takes place in a family run distillery in Piedmont and limited to 4000 bottles a year. The botanicals are ground in a traditional mill, then steeped in spirit before being added to the Trebbia no di Romagna wine base.

Founded by Giancarlo Mansion, bartender and entrepreneur hailing from Pignoli, Italy. Having travelled the globe for his bar and beverage consultancy firm, he wanted to create a traditional range of vermouths connected to his homeland.

While the founder may be found globetrotting, the vermouths are anchored in the Piedmont region, with both product and inspiration all coming from the region, including the three Italian wormwood used (Pontiac, Gentile and Romana).

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