Marberg Icelandic London Dry Gin

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Marberg Icelandic London Dry Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | Iceland

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Marberg Icelandic Gin is a traditional(ish) gin coming in all the way from Iceland. With a bitter juniper and a salty hit of the sea, this is a unique offering perfect for those on the hunt for something a little out of the ordinary.

There’s an umami hit to Marberg Gin, which leads with juniper but which quickly gives way to a soft citrus. It’s a gin that evolves on the tongue, building towards a great spice. Try it with ginger ale and a lime wedge to match that fiery spice.

Key Flavours

"Quirky, fun and a just a split beat off classic to resonate while striking a memorable chord. The addition of red seaweed, commonly known as Dulse, or Söl, adds a pleasantly saline umami-like taste to the mix. One to discover!"

About this product

Marberg Gin is made to a London Dry method, with all botanicals added into the still at once. Botanicals in the gin include: red seaweed, spiky black pepper, grapefruit and lemon peel. After distillation, the gin is blended with glacial water.

Thoran’s distiller, Birgir Sigurdsson, predicts the next few years “are going to be the most exciting in Iceland’s craft distilling scene; something the team there want to be at the forefront of.

Marberg Gin is made at Thoran Distillery, a geothermal powered producer also making Single Malt. The country's purity provides some. Botanicals, but the island's renowned sense of quirky fun also surrounds this place.

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