Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky

70cl | 43% ABV | Japan

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky is said to have its name inspired by the view of the sky at night from the distillery’s location by Mt. Komagatake. This blended malt is sweet and fruity on the palate, with hints of toasted oaky spice on the finish.

Breaking from tradition, unusually this whisky is a blend of malt whiskies which have been distilled and aged at the Shinshu distillery in Japan, with single malts that have been imported from Scotland.

Key Flavours


About this product

Vanilla and fresh fruit greet the nose. This follows to taste with a more citrussy edge (zesty orange), finishing on chocolate and oaky spices. One to savour neat.

Originally founded in 1985, the distillery is owned by the Hombo family who moved the original distillery from Kagoshima Prefecture to its new impressive alpine location.

The Mars Shinshu distillery is Japan’s highest whisky distillery, at around 800 metres above sea level, it is situated between Japan’s mighty Southern Alps and the impressive Central Alps.

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