Mary Low Alcohol Botanical Blend

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Mary Low Alcohol Botanical Blend

70cl | 6% ABV | Great Britain

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Mary is a responsibly sourced botanical blend, with a dash of alcohol. At 6% ABV it was specifically designed to have a lighter touch on your body and mind. It has a deliciously fresh, sophisticatedly dry taste that goes perfectly with tonic.

Expect a rich profile of freshly cut herbs (basil and thyme in particular) and zesty citrus with an underlying piny depth. Serve with tonic and garnish with cucumber & thyme.

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About this product

Mary is made with 7 concentrated distilled botanical essences (basil, thyme, sage, coriander seed, angelica root, juniper, pine) that are blended with neutral grain spirit and water.

Mary was co founded by experienced drinks industry excec Eric Sampers and three others, who were inspired by the growing movement towards more health conscious drinking and wanted to create something that met the new expectations.

Mary is made in the UK at a distillery based in Reading, using no added sugars or sweeteners (Mary has only 9 cals per 25ml pour).

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