Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Lavender Edition

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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Lavender Edition

70cl | 42% ABV | England

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Masons Yorkshire Gin is a distillery that wears its provenance with pride, with its spirit range showcasing the best of the north of England. The Lavender edition is a soft, floral treat, with the aromatic perfumed note running through it.

Masons Lavender Gin is a sweet, heady and perfumed gin, with all of its botanicals singing together in a delicate harmony. It is absolutely perfect in an Aviation, but it works wonders in a long drink with Rose Lemonade.

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About this product

All of the Masons gins are distilled using a London Dry Process in their newly installed copper pot still. All botanicals, bar the fresh citrus, go into the still to soak overnight. In the morning, the zests are added in and the still is fired up.

Masons Yorkshire Gin was founded by husband and wife duo Karl and Cathy Mason in 2013 with one simple mission: to do away with generic gin and create something truly exciting.

The Masons Gin distillery is based in Aiskew on the edge of Bedale, Yorkshire and those roots are firmly embedded in everything they do (down to the embossed Yorkshire rose on the bottle)

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