Mezcal Marca Negra San Martin

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Mezcal Marca Negra San Martin

70cl | 49.1% ABV | Mexico

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Mezcal Marca Negra San Martin is created using un-aged Sanmartin agave and has a handprint on each bottle. There's slight variances batch on batch, making each unique and a joy to rediscover.

Mezcal Marca Negra San Martin offers a clean nose with dried fruit and grassy hay, along with a rich texture on the palate. It is perfect served on ice or as a component in a Negroni.

Key Flavours

"The high ABV on this bottling carries a lot of flavour. For those who love big, bold, smoky Oaxacan mezcals this is a must-buy. (Not recommend for beginners to the category – although Islay whisky drinkers may enjoy it.)"

About this product

Delicate with hints of smoke, Mezcal Marca Negra San Martin follows the traditional Oaxacan process, overseen by Basilio Pacheco who distils the Sanmartin agave.

Mezcal Marca Negra is made by maestro mezcaleros for all who love to discover the true taste of mezcal. The handprint on the bottle represents the master distillers and the ancient knowledge that marks each and every batch. 

Limited batch production takes place at this artisanal distillery in La Noria Seccion 13, Ejutla, Oaxaca, the state which is home to the country’s most vibrant crafts and art scene.

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