Mondino Amaro

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Mondino Amaro

70cl | 18% ABV | Germany

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Combining Alpine briskness and a Mediterranean fruitiness - Mondino is a must have for Aperitif lovers and brings a unique twist to Negronis.

Expect fruity bitter oranges and a lively citrus, a pleasant sourness from fresh rhubarb while gentian gives it its tangy bittersweet flavour.

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About this product

Made to a traditional method, ingredients are steeped into Neutral Spirit before being filtered out. Hibiscus flower gives Mondino its beautiful red colour.

Inspired by master distiller Hans, who learned his craft during the 1960s in Bella Italia - Mondino was brought to life by his grandson Max together with his childhood friends Ferdinand, Florian, and Benedikt.

The Amaro follows an Italian recipe but is handcrafted in the pristine foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Mondino pride themselves on combining Bavarian craftsmanship combined with the Italian zest for life.

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