Moorland Douglas-fir

Moorland Douglas-fir

50cl | 41% ABV | England

Made up in the Northumberland National Park, this single botanical spirit draws its flavour from just one ingredient: the needles of the Douglas Fir.

A surprising explosion (given it's all derived from pine needles!) including refreshing pine, sweet ripe melon, with undertones of grapefruit zest. Fabulous in a Martini.

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About this product

The distillery follows a complicated distillation method where 3 techniques are used (pot distilled in traditional copper, cold distilled on a rotary evaporator & a CO2 extraction system). The result of each are blended to create the final product.

Hepple Gin was founded by Hepple Estate owner Walter Riddel and Valentine Warner, with help from a distilling/flavour team made up of Cairbry Hill, Nick Strangeway and Chris Garden, a veritable Cluedo of names.

When it comes to celebrating provenance, not all heroes wear capes. The gin is a reflection of the land, (literally as they even take juniper from there) and each drop resonates with the sensations of the Northumberland countryside.

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