Mr. Kamm's Gin
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Mr. Kamm's Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | England

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Mr Kamm’s Gin is an aromatic, bitter tipple, with 45 botanicals crammed into its recipe. Lively, fresh and utterly beguiling, this is one well worth trying.

Mr Kamm’s Gin has a rich, rounded flavour and a soft, oily mouthfeel. It’s barley base adds a rich, spiced feel and a creamy texture that makes it all but beg to be stirred into a Negroni.

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About this product

The botanicals in Mr Kamm’s Gin include ginseng, grapefruit, lemon and orange peels, apricot kernels, hibiscus, rose hip, pea flower and citra hops. The gin is distilled one shot, in a hand beaten copper still.

Alex Kammerling is the brain behind Mr Kamm’s Gin – he’s a flavour obsessive who based his gin recipe on that of his British Aperitif – Kamm & Sons.

Whilst initially made by Alex at the bottom of his garden, distillation has now moved over to his parents’ house in Surrey. He has handed the distilling reigns over to his parents too, and they churn out 80 bottles a day.

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