Nikka Coffey Gin

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Nikka Coffey Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | Japan

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Coffey Gin is a beautiful Japanese Gin from famed Japanese Whisky distillery Nikka. Produced, naturally, in coffey stills, and made on a barley and corn base, this gin is a celebration of Japanese flavours, and tasty as hell.

Nikka Gin is utterly lovely, with the citrus smorgasbord unleashing a cloud of essential oils that all but caresses the tongue. Rich and flavoursome, with a sansho pepper pinch, this is a glorious G&T Gin when served with Aromatic Tonic.

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There are 11 botanicals included in Coffey Gin, with the usual suspect joined by a refreshing blast of Japanese flavours. In the mix there are four Oriental citruses – yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu and shequasar, as well as sansho pepper.

The gin was launched in 2017, but the distillery group began over 80 years ago. The first was founded by Masataka Tketsuru 1934 following years of distillation studies both in Scotland and in Japan.

Nikka is owned by Asahi Group who now have multiple distilleries across Japan, as well as Ben Nevis in Scotland. Here, the gin reflects their Japanese roots and attempts to convey the nation's unique botanical selection.

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