NIO Cocktail Gift Pack Pack of 4
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NIO Cocktail Gift Pack Pack of 4

4 x 10cl | 29.5% ABV | Italy

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Four classic cocktails all in one handy pack! Here's a collection of letterbox cocktails that look beautiful around your home, and taste like they’ve come fresh from a cocktail shaker.

Each pack includes a Negroni (classic dry gin, cheeky hint of bitterness), a Daiquiri (refreshing and citrussy) a Margarita (tart and tangy) and an Old Fashioned (matching Bourbon with both aromatic and orange bitters).

About this product

Each NIO Cocktail is a single serving of 100ml, ready-to-drink with no additional alcohol or mixers required. Simply shake, tear and pour over ice!

NIO was founded by Luca Quagliano, who believes that everyone deserves incredible cocktail experiences from home. Luca teamed up with friend Alessandro Palmarin and master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi to make it happen.

NIO cocktails are crafted in Italy, and are stored in the UK. They have a 12 month shelf life and do not need to be kept refrigerated.

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