Oxley Gin

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Oxley Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | England

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Defined by its sub-zero distillation process, which allows them to keep botanicals as fresh and flavourful as nature intended - Oxley combines pin point flavours, technical process and stunningly embossed bottle to create a compelling gin.

The 14 botanicals that make Oxley are intricately balanced, but it's the fresh grapefruit that's most notable. At 47% ABV, the flavour carry well too. Add more grapefruit in a G&T to accentuate it further or serve up a White Negroni.

Key Flavours

"The science that goes into distilling this is mind bending. The bottle, the crisp flavours and the innovative process make Oxley a stand out gin with loads of talking points and interesting aspects to delve into. One for the wishlist…"

About this product

In an utterly mad process, Oxley is distilled under vacuum (not a rota-vap, this is a custom-made super nerd's dream kit) where the distillate boils at -5˚C, and re-condenses at around -100 Celsius! Completely unique, ground breaking distillation.

Invented in 2006 with nature as their muse, there has never been one Master Distiller but instead a collective of scientists and distillers who set out to change the world of gin as we know it.

Although owned and run by the Bacardi team, the custom made Oxley Gin still is based at the home of well known contract distillers, Thames, in Clapham London. No other spirit is made using the apparatus though.

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