Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin

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Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Penrhos Apple and Elderflower is a delicious mix of the delicate notes of hedgerow elderflower and the crisp fruity edge of the distillery's own apples. Together, they create a light refreshing gin.

Fresh and bright, we recommend serving it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of apple. For an extra elderflower kick, use an Elderflower Tonic and garnish with mint.

Key Flavours

Crisp & Clean
"This apple and elderflower gin is a fantastic British mix of the delicate floral tones of elderflower with the crisp fruity edge of apple, creating a light refreshing gin, delicious simply mixed with tonic."

About this product

The gin is small-batch produced to a one shot method in a 147 litre Carl still called Connie (fondly named after Dickie’s grandmother who used to rear calves in the barn where the distillery is now located).

Surrounded by thriving orchards and thriving fruit crops, lifelong friends Charles Turner and Richard William decided to put their name to a product that is farm-made, hand created and rich in provenance. Wives Sally and Kate soon joined the team.

Penhros is based in Herefordshire, England, with both the botanicals they use (many of which grown and cultivated by the team) and the intention behind the spirits they make to be a true reflection of the land.

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