Pensador Espadín Mezcal

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Pensador Espadín Mezcal

50cl | 47.5% ABV | Mexico

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Excellent, high quality Mezcal from Pensador focusing entirely on the intricacies of Espadín. For the calibre of liquid, the traditional production methods used to produce it and the ABV, this is a bargain too.

Expect a profile that's full of earthy minerals, pine-like herbs backed by gentle smoke. Well suited to straight sipping accompanied by salty snacks but try it in a Negronis where it absolutely shines.

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About this product

100% estate grown Espadín is roasted in a ground oven, then crushed by Tahona and fermented naturally. It's then twice distilled on a copper still.

Atenogenes and José Garcia create Pensador Mezcal in his fields, using traditional methods which remain largely unchanged since the 16th Century.

It's produced in the southern region of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. It's drier there than other mezcal making regions forcing the agave to grow roots further into the earth to draw up minerals. This creates unusual sweetness and complexity in the piña.

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Customer Reviews

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    Exciting stuff!

    Posted by Tom King on 25 Feb 2022

    Knowing I was keen to learn more about Mezcal, Mrs King bought me a bottle of this for Christmas. I absolutely love it - edgy and stimulating; an intense hit of complex flavour. It's astonishing to find so many nuances in a young, un-aged spirit. Anyone who enjoys full-on Islay single malt whisky should try this. There's so much going on that I savoured it over about half of Audrey Hepburn's 'Roman Holiday!'

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