Pensador Mezcal

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Pensador Mezcal

50cl | 48% ABV | Mexico

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Pensador Mezcal is a small-batch mezcal, created with a blend of Espadin and Madrecuishe agaves. From harvest to bottle, each batch of Pensador around takes two months - with the hand bottling and labelling taking it closer to three!

70% Espadin and 30% Madrecuishe Agaves are cooked underground for five days and then crushed by a horse-drawn Tahona. They are then naturally fermented with local well water for 17 days and then double-distilled in a 250 litre copper still.

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About this product

One of our favourite easy drinking mezcals. Sweet and complex yet delicate smokiness. Pensador is one to be savoured neat, or on the rocks.

Atenogenes and José Garcia create Pensador Mezcal in his fields, using traditional methods which remain largely unchanged since the 16th Century.

It's produced in the southern region of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. It's drier there than other mezcal making regions forcing the agave to grow roots further into the earth to draw up minerals. This creates unusual sweetness and complexity in the piña.

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