Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin

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Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin

70cl | 57% ABV | U.S.A.

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Setting an immensely high bar when it did - Perry’s Tot Gin was the first Navy Strength to launch in America. It's a pretty impressive title to have given how far higher strength booze has travelled in the past couple of years.

Perry’s Tot Gin is a big, bold traditional spirit that is the answer to any of your Gin cocktail prayers. That little dollop of honey adds a light floral kick that gives this a little je ne sais quoi when stirred into a Bees Knees.

Key Flavours

"Part homage to Plymouth's classicism, part new wave craft distilling ideas, Perry's Tot navigates between two contrasting points to offer up a sublime gin. Big juniper, soft citrus and honeyed accents - you can never get enough of this!"

About this product

The botanical list for Perry’s Tot is fairly traditional, with juniper, cinnamon, star anise, lemon, orange, grapefruit peel and wild honey from upstate New York in the mix.

New York Distilling Company was founded by drinks veteran and renown educator Allen Katz, along with Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Tom Potter and Head Distiller Bill Potter.

New York Distilling Company has an amazing collection of spirits to its names, including a handful of gins and whiskies. It is also home to an amazing Brooklyn bar, The Shanty. A must visit.

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