Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac

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Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac

50cl | 46% ABV | France

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Named as a tribute to the ten generations of the Ferrand family who have made Cognac since 1630 - This bold cognac is a showstopper that's at its finest when served in an Old Fashioned.

10 Générations Cognac is rounded but lively, with notes of pepper, nutmeg, baked pear, honey, and white flowers. Nice neat, best in classic cocktails.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

This expression has been crafted using eaux-de-vie made of Ugni-Blanc grapes. Unusually, 20% of the spirit was matured in casks that previously held sweet Sauternes wine.

In the heart of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, 10 generations of sons, all named Elie Ferrand, upheld the abiding knowledge of growing grapes and transforming them into exceptional elixirs. This cognac celebrates these venerable men.

Cognac by law must be aged in French oak (new or used) but the use of Sauternes casks is quite unusual. This added twist gives the flavour a boost as well as brings the region's viniculture into sharper focus.

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