Pothecary Gin

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Pothecary Gin

50cl | 44.8% ABV | England

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The flagship product in Pothecary's range, this Organic Gin manages to combine bright bursts of citrus and floral notes, with a green juniper and plump mulberry core. It's distinct, smooth sipping gin that's packed with personality.

There are just 5 botanicals; Juniper, lemon peels, tilia flowers, lavender flowers and black mulberries but they all sing loudly here. Serve with a lemon peel in a G&T, but our favourite is with soda and no garnish.

Key Flavours

"If ever one could make the case for a gin that's cranked the flavour volume right the way up to 11, this is it. Big floral nose, huge zesty lemon, solid pine backdrop and a sweetened finish."

About this product

All Pothecary gins are made by distilling botanicals separately using organic wheat spirit on small, traditional copper pot stills and then blending the distillates to an exacting recipe after.

As with a few others in the craft distilling industry, despite it's widely recognised name, Pothecary is one of those special distilleries that's actually tiny. In fact, it's a one man band distilled, bottled and entirely run Martin Jennings.

Pothecary is made in Christchurch, county of Dorset with ingredients sourced based on quality (and their organic status) from around the world. If you can picture a small room, it's probably bigger than this distillery.

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