Procera Red Dot Gin

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Procera Red Dot Gin

50cl | 51% ABV | Kenya

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Procera Red Dot Gin has been designed for cocktails that require a confident profile. It is a magically spicy and savoury African Terroir Gin, using five African peppers and native juniper.

On the nose, there's a lemony citrus that leads the aroma. To taste that citrus flush dissipates fast as earthy juniper and a herbal spice reign supreme. One for a Negroni.

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Five peppers are used (selim, black, elephant, alligator and ashanti pepper) alongside other botanicals such as locust bean, mukombera, oyster shell, seaweed, tea, mace, myrrh, honey, lime and lemon.

Founded in 2017 by ex-fund honcho Guy Brennan, the production is overseen by talented distiller Dalton in what is a tight nit team. Even the bottles are hand made, produced by local glass blowers Kitengela Hot Glass.

Procera is a celebration of Africa and a distinctly African take on the spirit. The vast majority of the botanicals are from the continent, the signature ingredient, Juniper Procera, is sourced locally. Each bottle caries the nation's spirit.

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An African craft gin made in Kenya (one of the first for the country!), Procera Gin distilled near Nairobi with 10 botanicals including the very special variety of native juniper from which it gets...

"They look quite rustic in images and the stunning hand-blown bottles, also produced in Nairobi, are a joy to hold. You can tell they are each slightly unique and have been hand-made. A truly unique gin, great for gifting."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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