Rhubarb Triangle Gin

Rhubarb Triangle Gin

70cl | 46% ABV | England

Rhubarb Triangle Gin is all about the pink tinged perennial plant - packing a juicy punch that's ideal for those looking for a refreshing zing in their cocktails.

On the nose, there's a sparkling zing of crisp rhubarb. To taste, complex and fresh rhubarb notes come through. The finish has a zip of citrus, pinch of spice. Add an apple wedge in a G&T or serve with fresh cloudy apple juice.

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About this product

Taking a custom made base gin, the team infuse pressed rhubarb juice into the mix, before filtering and bottling at 46% ABV.

That Boutique-Y Gin Company work with distilleries, brands and individuals to create collaborative, often very unusual gins. Their typical style is irreverent, provocative and filled with fun!

The cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield form the Rhubarb Triangle - famous for producing plenty of delicious rhubarb for all manner of treats. This gin is made exclusively with rhubarb sourced from this area.

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