Rock Rose Old Tom Pink Grapefruit Gin

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Rock Rose Old Tom Pink Grapefruit Gin

70cl | 41.5% ABV | Scotland

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A classic sweet Old Tom with a zesty finish. It uses organic pink grapefruit peel that's added to the botanical basket and vapour infused along with all other traditional gin botanicals. It is then lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar.

Bright and zesty with fresh grapefruit comes through on the nose. It's fresh and citrusy to taste, but very well balanced with the juniper and lovely notes of vanilla appearing. Unbeatable in a Martinez.

Key Flavours

"A little trivia for you all… The Pink Grapefruit Old Tom Gin began life from a ‘Design a Rock Rose Gin Label’ competition in 2016, which was released as the wonderful citrus-based Artists’ Edition. The recipe was then adjusted and made permanent."

About this product

Old Tom's are intentionally sweeter gins, and this is a perfect example of finding the right balance. The added muscovado brings candied complexity, but never distracts from the clear grapefruit zing and juniper soul.

Founded by husband and wife team Martin and Claire Murray, a passionate duo who saw an opportunity to create a unique distillery that embodies the spirit of their region. Seven years later, there are now around a dozen people in the team.

Rock Rose is located on the iconic North Coast 500 route, just three miles from Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on mainland Britain. Its spirits are inspired by and embody Caithness, its unique cultural and natural heritage and its people.

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