RumJava Espresso Rum Cream Liqueur

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RumJava Espresso Rum Cream Liqueur

70cl | 17% ABV | U.S.A.

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RumJava Espresso Rum Cream Liqueur is an enticing combination of Wisconsin dairy cream, and a lower proof version of Mahtini’Mon rum (infused with Espresso beans and flavoured with vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut).

Rich, sweet and creamy, with vanilla and espresso popping up followed by chocolate oats, this pairs perfectly with Cinnamon’Bay to make a wonderful two ingredient take on the Espresso Martini.

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About this product

Using molasses from sugarcane grown in the Florida Everglades, once fermented, the rum is distilled twice in a pot still with a copper column. Post distillation, they add freshly roasted coffee beans for at least 30 days.

RumJava was created by husband and wife team, Brian and Mindy Cunningham, who began infusing rums with coffee beans after Mindy's Java’Mon Coffee was a run-away success on the island. Soon, they grew scaled up an grew their range.

RumJava is produced at an artisanal distillery in Clewiston, Florida, with the flavours and ideas, inspired by the duo's passion for Caribbean culture, rum, and coffee.

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