Sakurao Japanese Dry Gin

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Sakurao Japanese Dry Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | Japan

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Sakurao Original Japanese Gin is made using nine local botanicals from the distillery's surrounds in Hiroshima (including yuzu, Japanese cypress, ginger and red shiso), alongside a classic core.

Instantly recognisable as gin, with a classical juniper core grounding the profile. Yuzu wafts clearly above it, while green tea and shiso leaf add complexity. Best served with soda water.

Key Flavours

"Another Japanese distillery that seems to have nailed the balance of being inspired by tradition but also wanting to deliver a sense of provenance. Gin with a Japanese influence, rather than an all-out 'local' take on the category."

About this product

Unusually, the distillation process involves both fresh citrus from Hiroshima (bitter orange, sweet orange, navel and yuzu), dried botanicals and a combination of steeping and vapor infusion methods.

Sakurao distillery is managed by Chugoku Jozo, a company that has been devoted to brewing and distilling since its founding over 100 years ago.

The Sakurao Distillery is located seaside to the Seto Inland Sea, a sea area that is blessed with nature’s riches, and faces the world heritage site, Miyajima.

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