Santa Pedrera Mezcal

Santa Pedrera Mezcal

70cl | 46% ABV | Mexico

An intriguing, rustic mezcal is made with 100% Espadin agave, which is matured for 6-7 years before it is harvested.

Mezcalero Carino Ramirez cooks the agave in an underground pit oven, mills the agave via a horse-drawn Tahona, ferments the agave using air-borne yeasts, and double distils this mezcal in a copper pot still to 46% ABV.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Expect aromas of ash and flavours of tropical fruit with a hint of salinity and spice rounding out the finish. A particularly pure mezcal, Santa Pedrera is delicious neat.

Santa Pedrera Mezcal markets itself as "more than mezcal," with the ethos that their mezcal is "The Sadness Breaker." They have a mezcal made with agave Espadin that is produced by Espiritu Corsa, which also produces the brand Espíritu Lauro.

Santa Pedrera Mezcal is made in San Agustín Amatengo, Oaxaca, Mexico, the state which is home to the country’s most vibrant crafts and art scene.

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