Santa Teresa Añejo Gran Reserva Gold Rum

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Santa Teresa Añejo Gran Reserva Gold Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Venezuela

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Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva Gold Rum is a buttery golden amber Venezuelan rum with notes of apple and vanilla.

Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva has a buttery, almost spicey cacao powder nose. To taste the coffee emerges with the oak. Lovely sipped or in your favourite rum cocktails including the Mojito.

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About this product

A blend of pot distilled (heavy) and column distilled (light) rums made from molasses produced from sugar cane harvested on the distillery's estate. The rums in the blend are aged between 3-10 yrs in oak casks, mainly in ex-bourbon barrels.

In 1830 a young German merchant named Gustav Julius Vollmer arrived in Venezuela, marrying a woman of ‘revolutionary blood’ named Panchita Rivas. And so the Vollmer family was born: their descendants run Santa Teresa to this day.

Founded in 1796 and located in the mountainous Aragua Valley, Hacienda Santa Teresa has withstood wars, revolutions, invasions and even dictators. There has always been sugarcane and since 1830 there has always been rum.

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