Scapegrace Gin

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Scapegrace Gin

70cl | 42.2% ABV | New Zealand

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Scapegrace is a New Zealand Gin that's fast become a must-have cult classic in the category. The liquid is as well conceived as the bespoke bottle that contains it making it one of the most giftable gins out there…

A really versatile, fantastic all round gin. The spiced notes allow it to carry through beautifully in a Negroni, while the citrus gives it a bright start that works brilliantly in a G&T, especially when garnished with and orange peel.

Key Flavours

"Quintessential traditional gin flavours served up in a beautiful bottle with clever detail and an overall magnetic shelf presence. An ideal gift as it's sure to make an impact and the contents will be loved by anyone who drinks classic gins."

About this product

The gin is made using a selection of 12 botanicals (including juniper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris, cinnamon, cassia, angelica, clove and liquorice root) to a multishot London Dry method.

Scapegrace was founded in 2016 by two brothers-in-law and a part time musician - friends Mark Neal, Daniel McLaughlan and Richard Bourke.

Scapegrace is distilled under contract in a distillery based the foot hills of the ice capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. They use water drawn from a source that's been filtered through Subterranean rock for over 80 years.

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