Sekforde Botanical Mixer for Whisky & Bourbon Pack of 12

Sekforde Botanical Mixer for Whisky & Bourbon Pack of 12

12 x 20cl | 0% ABV | Great Britain

A sparkling blend of Sicilian Orange, Rosemary and Gentian Bitters, Sekforde's botanical mixer has been specifically designed to pair with Whisky & Bourbon

Sweet Sicilian orange lifts the aroma, with a hint of rosemary and bitter gentian. The combo helps compliment whiskies particularly well, especially those with dried fruit and spice notes.

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About this product

100% natural and low in sugar and calories (17 calories per 100ml). It contains no artificial sweeteners.

Sekforde was started by Talula White, as a result of her frustration with mixers that overpowered the drink and the lack of alternatives there were that truly complimented or even accentuated her favourite spirits instead.

Sekforde is named after Sekforde St in Farringdon where Talula lived when she started the company. It's made in the UK, with ingredients sourced from all over the world.

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