Sipsmith London Dry Gin & Tonic Can Pack of 12

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Sipsmith London Dry Gin & Tonic Can Pack of 12

12 x 25cl | 7.3% ABV | Netherlands

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Using Sipsmith London Dry Gin as the base, you can now enjoy a skilfully blended and delightfully balanced, bar quality G&T without the bar!

While nothing can compare to a freshly made G&T, this comes super close. The botanicals (and booze) are clear, the bubbles fizz with purpose and there's a crisp dry finish.

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About this product

Using a tonic made in house, along with their classic London Dry Gin base, expect approximately a ratio of one part Sipsmith London Dry gin to two parts tonic, plus twenty to twenty-five percent dilution.

The beginning of Sipsmith marked the rise of a modern-day gin-aissance, which all began when childhood friends Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall joined up with Jared Brown to create London's first micro-distillery in 2009.

Sipsmith is a West London distillery through and through. It's fair to say that they brought back the London into London Dry and with visitors sipping away at their Chiswick home each day, they've continued the capital's storied history with Gin.

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