Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

70cl | 40.5% ABV | England

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin is a real geek's pick, with the bloggers and journalists who champion Gin constantly raving about this super sweet elderflower-heavy gin.

Sir Robin of Locksley has huge, busy grapefruit and sticky sweet elderflower running through it. Dandelion brings a familiar sweetness, whilst cassia lights a fire on the tongue. Serve it with grapefruit tonic to tone up the citrus.

Key Flavours

"Up-front elderflower and pink grapefruit, with juniper and warm cassia. One for those who like gins with a full mouthfeel (perfect for a Martini)."

About this product

To make Sir Robin of Locksley Gin, distiller John Cherry soaks his botanicals – pink grapefruit, dandelion and elderflower amongst them – in a neutral spirit for 18 hours, before distilling a hyper concentrate in his 250-litre still.

Locksley Distilling was created by distillery John Cherry back in 2014. The brand grew incredibly quickly, moving from one man band to a full team operation in a matter of months.

Locksley Distilling is named for Nottingham’s most famous export, Robin Hood. With a sea of amazing gins to its name and one of the nicest people you could hope to meet at the helm, its quickly becoming a point of pride all on its own.

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