Snow Leopard Rare Vodka
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Snow Leopard Rare Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Poland

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Fantastic vodka made from spelt with a charitable cause intrinsically linked to each sale - Snow Leopard Vodka is one for those who like to change the world one sip at a time.

The spelt gives Snow Leopard a distinctive nutty taste and creamy texture overall. Expect subtle vanilla aromas, a rich body, creamy mouthfeel with a peppery spice finish. Ideally suited to a classic Martini.

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About this product

Snow Leopard is distilled in Poland, Polmos Lublin, 125 miles from Warsaw. There are 6 stages to their distillation process and the spirit is filtered twice over charcoal before being cut with water and bottled.

Launched in 2006, Snow Leopard vodka is brainchild of former vice president of Allied Domecq, Stephen Sparrow who set out on a mission to make a significant contribution to saving the snow leopard from extinction.

Made in Poland and now owned by New Frontier Brands, this is a vodka that's less about the place its made but the habitat it wants to preserve.

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