Soldiers Bay Silver Rum

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Soldiers Bay Silver Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Soldiers Bay Silver is a column distilled Antiguan rum, with subtle flavours of sugarcane and citrus fruits, accompanied by the warm fragrance of toasted coconut and vanilla.

An unaged rum lashings of toasted coconut on the nose, while to taste, there's hints of vanilla and citrus, this makes an ideal choice for Daquiris or Pina Coladas.

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About this product

Soldiers Bay is a molasses based Rum, made by fermenting molasses that are then left to mature for four days prior to continuous copper still distillation. The rum is then carbon filtered before bottling.

It is made by the Antigua Distilling Company that was established in 1932 after a number of local shop owners amalgamated. Once they formed a joined company, they purchased a number of estates and a sugar factory to produce its own molasses.

Soldiers Bay Silver is produced at the last remaining distillery in Antigua (The distillery also produces the English Harbour range of rums)

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