Spirited Euphoria - EDI

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Spirited Euphoria - EDI

70cl | 0% ABV | Great Britain

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Want a feel good buzz and a way to decompress without the booze (or the hangover)? This is for you. Spirited Euphoria includes a highly technical blend of active ingredients that bring a sense of calm in a mindful drinking experience.

EDI's hemp, CBD and botanical mix brings a layered balance of grassy citrus, herbaceous almost vegetal hemp and finishes with a woody undertone and a peppery spice. Serve with a generous wedge of orange and some soda.

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About this product

Spirited Euphoria is distilled from hemp and includes a huge 420mg of CBD, as well as nootropics such as 5-HTP (said to support serotonin production) and more, alongside carefully chosen botanicals.

EDI was founded by Jean-Éric Vergne (a two time Formula E champion) & Alexander Jakobi with the aim of making endorphin-led alternatives to alcohol. They partnered with drink innovators Anthony Wilson and Helene Locke to produce the spirit.

The Endorphin Dealer Institute was founded in January 2020 as ground-breaking lab that works across borders to create, distil and legally deal in "endorphin spirits".

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