Sprigster Non Alcoholic

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Sprigster Non Alcoholic

70cl | 0% ABV | England

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A delectable, non-alcoholic mash designed by the restaurant team at Kitchen Garden Co, using fine fruits and sprigs of green from their own Victorian kitchen garden.

Hops bring dryness, rhubarb adds tang, ginger heat and fennel seeds give a subtle hint of anise. The vinegar used has unique herbaceous tannins and a complex flavour profile - a delicious alternative to a G&T or alcoholic aperitif.

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About this product

A mash is a mix of ingredients that are brought together, fermented and distilled. Here, they have used the same process to create our drink, but just not fermented or distilled it. Instead, they allow the mash to infuse gently for three weeks.

Sprigster is Made by the team at Pythouse Kitchen Garden, located down a small country lane between the villages of Tisbury and Semley in South Wiltshire.

Sprigster includes pressed apples and a botanical mash (vinegar, water, hops, fennel seeds, rhubarb, ginger) from Pythouse's own walled garden.

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