Stambecco Maraschino Cherry Amaro

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Stambecco Maraschino Cherry Amaro

70cl | 35% ABV | Italy

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Stambecco is a bittersweet maraschino cherry infused Amaro made with 30 botanicals. Jammy cherry, marzipan and rooty bitterness collide in an avalanche of flavour!

Expect sweet Battenberg cake, baking spice marzipan on the nose, while to taste the cherries push through before bitter herbs emerge on the finish. Add it too some Bourbon and some bitters or use it to make a Spritz.

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About this product

Stambecco is made of 30 different botanicals. Some are extracted and distilled before being blended, others just steeped into the mix in what is a traditional process typical of the producers in the Piedmont region of North Eastern Italy.

Stambecco is the creation of American drinks mavens Biggar & Leath. They enlisted the contract producers and highly respected Torino Distillati to create their Amaro.

Stambecco is named after the Ibex mountain goat commonly found roaming the high mountains the distillery (which is located just outside of Turin in the heartlands of Italian Vermouth territory).

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