Stargazy Rum Liqueur

Stargazy Rum Liqueur

50cl | 22% ABV | England

Launched in July 2019, Stargazy ‘Cosmic Caramel’ is a liqueur made from aged rum, flavoured with caramel, Cornish sea ​​salt and hints of gorse flower and coconut.

Sweet and lower in ABV  (it's a liqueur) - the candied caramel lends an indulgent tone, while gorse brings it's floral coconut touch into play. Easy to sip on neat!

Key Flavours


About this product

Despite an extensive search, it's not clear if Pocket Full of Stones make the Rum from scratch or if it is imported from abroad and infused and bottled in Cornwall.

Stargazy is the product of a 25-year friendship between Alison, her partner Luke and their friends Sarah and Neyth. The business is centred around The Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives, which Sarah and Neyth run.

Stargazy's Cornish connection is strong, with The Rum & Crab shack in St Ives being a hub for rum lovers in the region, while the contracted distillery, Pocket Full of Stones, is based in Penzance.

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