Starward Two Fold Whisky & Sekforde Bundle
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Starward Two Fold Whisky & Sekforde Bundle

70cl, 12x20cl | 40% ABV | Various

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Welcome to a world of refreshing whisky highballs! We've combined both the spirit and the mixer not just for convenience, but also for maximum flavour impact. A bottle of Starward Two Fold and 12 x Sekforde botanical mixers to perfectly compliment it.

A perfect serve - Sekforde's sweet Sicilian orange lifts the aroma, with a hint of rosemary and bitter gentian to finish. The combo helps compliment the whisky's flavour particularly well, bringing out dried fruit and spice notes.

What's in the bundle?

Starward TwoFold Whisky

Starward Whisky, launched in Australia in 2007, geared towards the curious, food obsessed generations. Two Fold is a double grain whisky made with malted barley & wheat, matured in red wine barrels...

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