Starward TwoFold Whisky

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Starward TwoFold Whisky

70cl | 40% ABV | Australia

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Starward Whisky, launched in Australia in 2007, geared towards the curious, food obsessed generations. Two Fold is a double grain whisky made with malted barley & wheat, matured in red wine barrels which impart juicy fruit, caramel and spice notes.

One of the most accessible, easy sipping whiskies we've ever tasted. It's brilliant and no need for all the pomp and circumstances here. Serve it neat or add Two fold with tonic water and a slice of orange - so refreshing!

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

The barrels are from Australian vineyards producing reds like Shiraz, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. They’re often still wet from wine when re-filled with lower alcohol proof - in order to draw out the lip-smacking red wine fruit characters and tannins.

Founded by Melburnian David Vitale, whose passion for all things food and flavour is partly from having grown up in a big Italian family. Under the guidance of whisky godfather Bill Lark, he helped kickstart the Australian single malt movement.

Made in Melbourne where the team say ‘elemental maturation’ happens. The wildly unpredictable (four seasons in a day) and fluctuating climate enables the whisky to draw out fruity flavours and oaky character from the barrels over a 3 year period.

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