Stolichnaya Gold Vodka

Stolichnaya Gold Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Russia

First conceived as Stoli Cristal in 1989, the expression name was changed a decade later as a nod to this vodka's final filtration stage through coils of gold thread.

The nose is clean, lightly fruity. To taste, it feels sweeter than the flagship Red label Stoli as the wheat base seems to have taken a softer tone through the process. Delicious!

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About this product

Fermentation starts with wheat and rye and takes about 60 hours. Once complete its distilled three times through columns to 96.4%ABV. Once diluted it's filtered through quartz, sand, activated charcoal.

Part of a never ending industry saga, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Stolichnaya trademark has been the object of dispute between distributors (predominantly the SPI Group and Russian state-owned Sojuzplodoimport).

Stoli is intrinsically linked with Russian vodka history and even has its origins in the Moscow State Wine Warehouse No. 1 (which was opened in 1901 by the authorities to ensure higher quality vodka production). It's been made in Latvia since 1948.

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