Stork Club Rye Whiskey

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Stork Club Rye Whiskey

50cl | 45% ABV | Germany

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Stork Club Straight Rye is distilled from selected German rye, and matures in barrels made of American and German Napoleon oak. Nice on its own but the perfect partner highballs and cocktails like the Old Fashioned!

Using rye from local Brandenburg farmers, once fermented with a special yeast strain, they distil in a small 1,000L hybrid still. The whiskies are developed in three different casks and married before bottling (a combo of American oak & German oak).

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About this product

Aged in a combination of ex-bourbon barrels and ex-white wine barrels, expect a rye with a youthful character. Caramel and spices, dark chocolate and the typical peppery note of rye are all clear - this is a vibrant whiskey.

Behind the “SpreeWood Distillers” are three people who are not unknown in the spirits industry. Steffen Lohr, a former bartender Sebastian Brack, the creator of Thomas Henry mixers and co-founder of Belsazar Vermouth and Bastian Heuser, one of the...

60 kilometres south of Berlin sprawls the idyllic pastureland of the Spreewald, like a river delta. This lowland, with its unique microclimate, offers the fantastic conditions for maturing spirits.

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